Ready To Start Really Living? New Apartment Designs & Investments That Will Make Life Great Again

Ready To Start Really Living? New Apartment Designs & Investments That Will Make Life Great Again

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Starting to feel the grind of your career, housing setup and busyness wear on you?

New housing designs and smarter investments can help more professionals and executives make life more exhilarating again while enhancing their financial performance.

New technology developments have changed our lives in many ways. Some may have detracted from the engaging lives we used to enjoy. Other good ones just haven’t been experienced yet. As we get more data, we are better understanding the essential ingredients of a full and long life. A lot of it comes down to how we live, work and invest.

Overcoming Facebook Syndrome

On one hand, constant connectivity can make us feel engaged and connected. Yet, our dependence on our phones and social media, while living in outdated communities and homes can actually be creating more isolation and deprive us of more real relationships.

In fact, the CEO of the Center for Active Design says that social isolation has now become one of the “leading causes of preventable death.” It’s right up there with smoking and lack of physical activity. You can bet there is a good bit of science behind our prison system, and confining inmates to cubicles and isolate them are regarded as methods of severe punishment, if not even as torture. Yet, we still willingly subject ourselves to some of these same types of conditions every day at work and home.

Redesigning apartment buildings, workplaces, and communities can and is making a huge difference in how enjoyable life is. That, in turn, can help workplace productivity and enable us to live longer.

Creating Healthier Housing & Workplaces

The more data we compile and more health studies are done, the more we are understanding the negative effects of many of the materials and designs used in residential and commercial real estate. Unfortunately, a lot of the building and designs done in the early 2000s actually erased some of the smart building elements of previous generations and in the rush to construct filled properties with more toxins.

Now floor plans, airflow, community spaces and the materials used when building or redecorating apartments and offices can be used to preserve our health, make us feel better and increase longevity.

Financial Freedom

We are already living longer. Though most of that extended lifespan is being tagged onto retirement years after 70, with little improvement in physical and brain function in those years. In other words, we just get to work longer and be old people for longer.

Today most are looking at an approximately 45-year work life, and potentially several decades in retirement with very uncertain finances.

If that doesn’t sound inspiring to you, you are certainly not alone.

Thankfully new technology is also making it easier and more profitable to invest in better-performing assets, and enjoy a more flexible work life. It’s now possible for most to work remotely, or at least take extended travels while they are still young and able to enjoy all the activities they dream of trying out. These are the experiences which really make life worth living.

With better passive income investments professionals and executives can also afford to do more travel and engage in more exciting lifestyles and social activities without sabotaging their financial futures. They can have more surplus income now, without having to put in more hours. Plus, look forward to a comfortable retirement later on.


You can be a part of creating healthier properties and communities, and enjoy more freedom by making smart investments in multifamily properties and multifamily redevelopment. All while creating more passive income to reduce the hours you need to work and give you more flexibility in where and how you work. Today’s syndication technology and smart management tools are enabling more individual investors to participate in these things passively. So, once you’ve picked a good asset manager, you can kick back and get all the rewards while they do the hard work.

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Bill Zahller is the Managing Partner of Park Capital Partners, LLC and resides in Asheville, NC. As a Multifamily Real Estate Investor and Syndicator, he founded Park Capital Partners, LLC in 2016 after 14 years involvement in real estate investment. He works with accredited investors and professionals who are interested in real estate investment, diversification, and financial freedom.

Bill has been flying since high school. His father was a Naval Aviator and Captain for TWA. Bill has been flying professionally for over 25 years, 23 of those at his current company. He has accumulated over 12,000 hours and 7 Jet type ratings. He has also held Instructor, IOE Instructor and NRFO pilot positions with a large fractional flight company. He is currently flying the Global 6000 in a long range mission capacity. This keeps it interesting – one week its Beijing or Sydney; the next Rio or Rome.

Bill is also the founder of the Asheville Multifamily Investor Club. Visit for more information.

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